You Want to Be Better With Your Money

Do Something About It by Joining the Self-Worth to Net-Worth Challenge: 21 Days to Maximize and Manage Your Money

  • You know you need to save part of your paycheck and create a better system to better allocate your money, but you have no idea where to start
  • You're tired of stressing out about all the things you've been doing wrong with your money but keep thinking about it all the time
  • You wish you could just figure out more ways to earn money but are overwhelmed at the choices out there

That's why we're here. Hi, we're Jessica, Sarah and Tara. Together we've got 15+ years in the finance industry and want to help people just like you.

Jessica Moorhouse, Millennial Finance Expert

Sarah Li Cain, Money Mindset Expert

Tara Falcone, Investment Expert

We Get It: Money Can Be Scary

But it doesn't have to be. What if we told you that there was a way to figure out clear, actionable steps to help you take charge of your money, all in three weeks?

We're not pulling your leg, we pinky swear. 

We want to help. And trust us, we've been where you are. We know what it's like feeling lost and confused when it came to our money. And we certainly don't want you to make the same mistakes we did.

Presenting - Self Worth to Net Worth Challenge: 21 Days to Maximize & Manage Your Money 

This challenge is a step-by-step actionable guide to help you better your mindset, set up effective money management systems and get you on your way to creating more wealth through simple investing strategies. You get immediate access once you sign up.

It's going to get you from being too scared to log into your bank account to saying "I got this".

In other words, we give you a simple and concise guide to whip your finances into shape through applying a more positive money mindset, budgeting, saving and crushing your debt. It helps you to you take charge of your money so you can see results now and years down the line.

Here's what you get:

  • A daily email from us for the next 21 days to keep you accountable
  • Daily lessons (via Teachable, on online teaching platform), including simple and actionable homework items
  • Extra resources (think tools and spreadsheets) to help you rock your money. 


Week One: Laying the Foundation
  • Why the "fight or flight" response is killing your finances
  • How to create guidelines and boundaries to enhance your finances
  • Create a vision for your money and your life

Week Two: Money Management
  • Calculate your unique financial need and get on the right track
  • How to create a plan (aka budget) that actually works
  • Learn why tracking your money is key to a better financial future

Week Three: Investing Rockstar

  • Why "just saving" won't cut it when it comes to your money
  • The most powerful investing tool you can have
  • Get clarity on your retirement needs

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Wait a second, who are you ladies again?

Jessica Moorhouse is a millennial money expert, speaker, award-winning personal finance blogger and host of the popular Mo’ Money Podcast. To being frequently featured in the news and in major magazines, she can also be heard as an expert on CBC Radio. You can find her over at

Sarah Li Cain is a finance writer, author and holistic money coach. She calls herself the “money storyteller” because she weaves practical tips and strategies into her work so that those trying to change their money mindset can see themselves in the starring role. She founded the website High Fiving Dollars and the podcast Beyond The Dollar, where she aims to help others integrate physical, spiritual and mental wellness so that money becomes a tool to enhance their lives

Tara Falcone is a former Wall Street analyst and the Founder of ReisUP LLC. ReisUP is a financial literacy company that focuses on increasing investing education and access for everyday investors. Her mission is to educate and thereby empower people to “rise up” and play a more active role in achieving their financial goals. You can find her over at

What's the Cost?

Keep in mind you get three experts for three weeks, ladies who keep you accountable every step of the way.

All this just costs $97. Yup, just over a three dollars a day for some crazy good advice.

It costs at least $150 to get personalized coaching advice from us (so $450 total), so this is your chance to get access for a month for over 80% off!


Q: What's the work like?

A: Don't worry, we're not asking you to write essays or anything like that. Examples of tasks include writing one sentence about your money goals, filling out a spreadsheet and making plans for investment strategies. You won't be spending hours a day, more like minutes.

Q: Will you be available to answer questions?

A: Yup! Send an email anytime during those 21 days and we'll help answer your questions. We will try our best to reply within 24 hours.

Q: Will this challenge help me if I'm in a lot of debt?

A: Yes! Anyone with varying types of situations can benefit. Just because you're in debt doesn't mean you can't learn how to invest and grow your money. You'll also be getting exercises to help motivate you to pay it off as well as budgeting tricks to help you manage the money you have right now.

What Is Your Financial Future Worth?

It might be hard to put a price on it, but how much do you stand to lose if you don't take the time to get your money right? You're not only looking at thousands of dollars, but maybe 100 times that.

Remember, the challenge costs $97,  but you get access to three financial experts for 21 days. That means you'll show up, do the work you'll get our guidance every step of the way.

*Enrollment is currently closed. Enter your details below to find out when we will open our doors again:

You'll get 50% of your money back when you complete the challenge.

Payment (it'll be via "Sarah Li Cain Writes")